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About Us

Dustless Blasting At YOUR Location

We travel to your location and save you from the difficult manual labor involved in cleaning or stripping surfaces of built on grime, paint, and other materials in preparation for refinishing. Our dustless blasting process is accurate, safe, and Eco-friendly for a wide variety of surfaces including metal, masonry, fiberglass and even wood. Our highly adjustable process ensures utilization of proper blasting medias and settings, fine tuned to the product at hand, so the job is done right the first time.

Why Choose Us

Eco-Friendly & Safe

Pressure washing averages five GALLONS of water per MINUTE and often requires chemical solvents. In comparison, dustless blasting is completely non-toxic and averages only 20 gallons of water per HOUR.

Veteran Operated

ShowMe Mobile Blasting, LLC is owned and operated by a veteran of the United States Army. We are proud of our country and proud of the work we do for the midwest and other states within our service area.

Services for YOUR Needs

Our process is highly adjustable, safe, and accurate at cleaning or preparing a variety of materials ranging from metal, masonry, fiberglass, and even wood - utilizing the best media for the job.

We Come to YOU

Our dustless blasting solutions are truly mobile. We offer pickup, delivery, and onsite services throughout the midwest to ensure the job gets done, and gets done right based on your specific needs.

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